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Waaaaaaz Uuuuuuuuuup?! Welcome to my pagee children of my kornz!

On my site, you can find out almost everything I know about koRn, pics, my own bios(and not the ones that everyone steals from kornweb.com!) lyrics that I stole, guitar/bass/drum tabs that I stole, crap about me and other korn fans, korn storys and sh*t load of other crap so have fun you roaches!
Well maybe not all that stuff. This site is not like all the other sites that are exactally the same. If you want pics, email me, i have 1,200 of them on my computer. If you want tabs, or lyrics, go to KoRnWeb.com. If you want bios,go to KoRn web.com. If you want information, email me! KoRn is all I know. I am the KoRn wiz!


And hey, this page is only for the true korn fans. None of those posers. And if you dont get some of the stuff I say in here then you never will or its just a typo. And I know some of this stuff may be offending but get over it. Or send me hate mail. I love hate mail. I love to make people look like a$s in front of the whole world. But email only at your own wrisk. Or Else.....

Hey, just dont look at the side and think Oh I dont want to go in that it looks stupid. These are not stupid, I promise. Charlotte Thanks isnt stupid, neither is korn dreams or korn secrets. Just check out the whole page and I promise your garenteed to have a good time garenteed or youll get a special prize. So go do whatever.


I think thats my favroite KoRn pic right now. Because I just got that poster.

In case you've been living in a cave in mars with your hands over your ears saying la la la la la la la:

Jonathan Houseman Davis: Vocals
James Shaffar: Rhythm Guitar
David: Drums
Feildy: Bass
Head: Lead Guitar