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Boy Bands must die...

Why boy bands suck, and why there fans suck.

Theres no meaning to there songs. They dont write there songs and you cant get the real bond like you do for the real bands like korn. Those "fans" or "preps" call us freaks when there the ones who act like apes and worship a band like a god or something and like a freaking band that will end up breaking up cause there so freaking young that they dont even know how to take in fame. And you know that there all crack monkeys. They call us freaks cause we listen to quality music and wear big ass bagy kik wears and korn shirts. Yet with there hochy ass shit trying to inpress the waver down the street shit with the fake nose and boobs and trying to be somebody there not that lives in a miterial world and they call us freaks. Weve been out there in the real world and weve know what its like to be kicked in the ass several times in lifes leasons. And you cant tell me that one "freak" hasnt had real shity stuff happen to them that made them who they are ir there posers and they need to go hang back out with the tommy hilphiger wanna bes. The only thing tragic in there life was Ashly called their new hair cut ugly.But any ways, the boy bands have to dance on a stage and take off there shirts like stripers just to keep there audience alive from dieng of boredom cause everyone knows their music sucks. And anyways, the age range of their fans is 9-12. And theyll grow up and the boy band will be shit out of luck. Just like what will happen with Britny Spears and all those other girls with fake boobies that think they can sing. But any ways, Im just trying to say, BOY BANDS SUCK! THEY WONT BE REMEMBERED! THEY DONT WRITE, PRODUCE, OR MAKE THERE OWN MUSIC, THEY LIP SING FOR GOD SAKES! EVERY TIMES I SEE THEM ON MTV I HAVE A SUDDEN NEED FOR A GUN. JUST TO HOLD ONE. THAT WOULD MAKE ME HAPPY. THE END!!!!PS: AND YOU KNOW KNOW ONE REALLY LIKES THEM ITS JUST THAT MTV PLAYS THOSE VIDEOS 24/7 AND THEY THINK THAT IF THEY BUY THERE CDS PEOPLE WILL THINK THAT THERE COOL.

If you have any more reasons why they suck then go t to contact me and then email me. or to bitch me out cause i love hate mail so i can reply and post it and make them look like total ass'. So feel free. have fun.