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Why Brittny Spears Sucks!

These are some of the reason that Britny Spears sucks, and a song at the end just for laughs. If you have any more reasons why she sucks then please email me.

She sounds like a cow in labor

Shes blond

She walks like she has a stick up her @$$

Shes fat!! and sooner or latter were gonna get a picture of her wile shes not sucking in!

Shes a slut! Her mom cought her on the couch doing something to Justin Timberlake of NSYNC mango.

No one will remember her in two years

In five years shell be on "Where are they now" and shell be working the corner at 7nth

SHES UGLY! How many of her fans actually look at her face?
I cant belive she even got as far as she did.

She gonna end up just like the Spice girls! Another stupid a$s movie and then shell be all over pornos and then the internt. She allready is all over porn sites.

My Dad can sing better then she can

The age range of her fans are 9-12. Soon there gonna grow up and shell be sh*t out of luck.And when they do relize shes sucks and they can find a Britny Spears anywhere, i dont know. But it will happen.

There allready making Britny Spears blow up dolls.

Shes full of self. That meens shes full of sh!t.

The End scroll down and read the song.

Opps I did it again

Opps I did again
I played with your d!ck
Got lost in the fun Oh baby baby
Opps you think we will F*ck
Well your sh!t out of luuuck
Im not that generous!