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Limp Bizkit
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Other Bands

This is about other bands of korn and other bands that I like ;) .

Limp Bizkit
From Jaksonvile, Fred Durst is a poser. But wes Borland is hot.

Papa Roach
This suicidal singer proubebly cought the atteintion of jonathen davis with his lyrics.

This band from Bakersfeild kicks ass. And Jay Gorden used to be in a band with Jonathen Davis called Sex Art.

Vidio Drone
This Bakersfeild band go way back with korn and used to do gigs together.

This band has nothing to do with korn but they kick ass. They are also wana bees, but they kick ass and it drives me crazy that they wear mask.

This Seatle band kicks ass. And to bad that b*tch Courtny had to kill him. A true leagend of rock.

Now this band kicks ass hard.And theres not that much to say about this band.

If you want another band added then email me.