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Charlotte Thanks:
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Charlotte Thanks:

KoRn can thank all those people for one albulm, well I want to thank people for my page. Even though they have nothing to do with my page.This will be my thank you when my band gets picked up in a record company.

Charlotte Thanks:
God, Daddy for all the stuff you got for me, not for being there, mom for dieing on me, Iris for makeing me fell like something, but putting me through hell, Chelsea for your diniel but you came through in the end, Jonny Davidson for the leasons, life for all the bullsh*t, Jonathan Davis for the countless hours of listening to your issues and relizing all my pain and misery. And for not knowing Im alive. But thank you for helping me to find God by showing me wich direction not to go. Its not your fault its mine for letting you get to me. Thank you for all the scars on my wrist that I got wile listening to your music. Thank you for not knowing. Thank you for no advice.Thank you for the pain. Brian Welch for gutair insperation. Reggie because your so smart and funny, and for being a bud and sweet. And thank you for bass and creative insperation. James Shaffar for guitar insperation, and being part of KoRn that can laugh. Brian Welch again for scaring me, and kicking @ss. Thank you David for being quite,cool and nice. Jonathen Davis for all the laughs. Margereta IV. Thanks for all the confusion. Thanks for all the unanswered questions. I love you. Im sorry for putting the blame on you for all my pain. Im mad at myself. Im mad at me allowing HIM to get to me through one of my weakness' wich is you.Jonathan Davis I love you and I hope for you to find God and help all the korn fans who are thinking about suicied and going through pain just like you did. I hope for you to settle down, put fame behind you and get with Renee and be a father and a husband again. Thank you God for helping me find a perpouse and an eror in all my ways. Thank you everyone. Thank you korn fans for critisizing me in everything that I do.
And special thanks to the love of my life, Derek Pieson. (I love you) If it wassnt for him, I wouldent be alive right now. Thank you sexy!

Wow I got in pretty deep. Opps.