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Dreams of KoRn

Here are dreams of KoRn that me and other KoRn fans have had.

The night of July 1st. I had a dream that KoRn came to Dallas, and they needed a place to stay so they stayed in the spare room at my house. Feildy came over and all his hair was cut off. Then Jonathon couldent stand me because I was so annyoing. I wanted to act how I do when at night. At night I have deeper thoughtsss and get deppresed and I wanted him to see that side of me. But durring the day I act hyper and Im no stop talking Chocko. And the only ones that could stand me were Munky and Feildy. And Jon and Head were always off By them selfs doing grown up crap. And I dont remember what David was doing. And during the day Me and Munky would be on the Internet and I showed him all 1200 of my korn pics that I have saved on my computer. And sometimes I would go up to Jon and ask him questions. And then when the day came for them to go, I kissed on the cheek but jon because I couldent find him. Then I found him playing the guitar and singing Somebody Someone. Then he gave a cd with four songs on it that had a song on it that I never herd of before. And at that time I had my deeper thoughts and Jon gave me his number along with a 2000 min calling card. And I gave him mine so I can keep in touch with him. And then they lest and I woke up.

Now this one was short. I was standing at the top of a hill and this woman and my step mother told me to let it go. And then I knew what I had to do. So I went to the bottom of the hill where there was a river. And then I took out a picture of KoRn and a cougare. Then I cried as I said goodbye and set it on fire and put it on a toy boat and I let it drift away. I know what this dream means. And I dont know how to do it. Im just now religios and KoRn used to be my god. But then I had a religeous experiance and a priest told me that I had to take korn out of the picture to get closer to God. And then I had that dream. And this has been the hardest thing that I ever had to do in my life. The End

Ok, I had a dream that Head came to live with me and he made a tent in my pantry. He also had a tv in there so he never came out. One day I wanted to talk to him so I went in the pantry and he had a girl with him. So I got scared. And the next day I went in the pantry to get the cereal and the girl was in there with a baby. So I asked her whos it was and she said it was heads. And I asked her when she meet him and she said yesterday. And then I woke up. Thats the weirdist korn dream I ever had.

I had other dreams but I dont remember them enough.

If you have a korn dream you want to share then email me. Nothing nast now, or Ill have to edit it. Thanx.