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Show Reviews

KoRn live was my dream come true!

These are reviews by me and korn fans and haters.

Blah blah blah blah blah.

Feb.23, 2000

This is when Charlotte Dunn of Dallas Texas lost her voise after five min. of the korn concert and got whooplash. This was the darkest night of Charlotte Dunn, age 14 at the time. She trys to block it out because it was such a tragedy for her. Well take you back to the deep, dark, night that it all happend. Charlotte and her friend Millisa Burges and her dad were on there way to reuinion arena in Dallas. Millisa and Charlotte here die hard fans of korn. They rowed down the windows and stuck there heads out and panted like dogs and cussed the cars that were passing them by and all the weird people with pintos. As they arrived they bought suviners and waited for Stained to come out on stage. Then it began. Stains concert was fun for the two young girls. And then After the stained show there was animation for them to watch. Funny as h*ll they said.And then it happened. KoRn came out and Charlotte screamed her brains out. Then she saw Jonathon Davis and started crying and hyperventilating because she couldent believe that the band that she had been dreaming about was finally there. She loves korn so meuch and they dont even know shes alive. And she couldent stop it so they took her to the medical room were she HYPERVENTALATED THE WHOLE TIME AND MISSED THE WHOLE KORN CONCERT!!! YEARS OF DREAMING TO BE STUCK IN A MEDICAL ROOM LISTENING TO FANS HAVING FUN AND MISSING HER SUCKY @$$ SEAT!!! And you might allready know that she diddnt get a wink of sleep that night crying how korn has right there and she couldent belive she missed the whole show. And that girl, Charlotte Dunn, WAS ME! Yes, its true, this corny news like things was all written by me, Charlotte Dunn and every thing in here is true. And Ive tried to block it out but its just to devestating. The End.

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