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Limp Bizkit
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Limp Bizkit

I think that Limp Bizkit are a bunch of posers. And Fred Durst Lyrics are bullsh*t. He talks about the same crap over and over again. And they copy korn! And that rap crap has to go! What the hell? Dont they know that rap sucks? Its not even real music. Its BS! And on Hit Parader they said who rocks harder, Slip Knot or Limp Bizkit, Limp Bizkit cant rock when they rap so much! But dont get me wrong, Limp Bizkit rocks sometimes. But then it sounds like Fred Durst is wineing when ever he sings. Or at least someones holding a lighter up to his balls or something. But, I think Wes is hot! Even though hes traiding his 7 string in for a paul reeds les paul. But thats cool. He says its cause he wants to play the guitar better. Why cant he practice at home and play the Ibanez with Limp Bizkit? Dont try to bitch me out with "Oh boo whoo you said Limp Bizkit sucks!" crap/Well not to be doggin on your band but, I think Fred Durst is a poser. And Im intittled to my oppinion and so are you so go head and send me hate mail. I dont care. But keep it short.

Limp Bizkit


If your not from Bakersfeild, then you suck!