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about me ,myself and i

Waaaz Uuuup?!
My name is KIIIIIIID Rock!! Naa just kiddin. My names Charlotte Dunn. I come from Uranus, I mean Dallas Texas. IM NOT A D*MN COWBOY! I hate people who judge. But anywho, Im a sophamore. Thats tenth grade. Im 16. Im a huge KoRn fan. I have no pic cause I have no scanner. :( . Right now Im curently bored. Im very Christian( Read korn dreams). I play the guitar, and soon I will play the bass and drums once I talk my dad into it. I have a chihuahua named Doyle. I love animals. I love KoRn. My favroite colors are silver, orange, red, purple, and blue. And Im in love with Derek Pierson AKA Kronik Death. He sings, he owns his own record lable, and has a backyard wrestling federation. My favroite shows are Tom Green, South Park, SNL, Mad TV, Daria, and someothers that I cant think of. And, I think thats it. Ok bye bye now.